Zakir I. Hussein | #YYCinfluencer | Calgary, Alberta
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Hi, I am Zakir – I hope that I can help you answer some of the questions in relations to elevating your Social Media presence.

I start with social insight. Traditional insights understand people in isolation, focusing on individual motivations. Social insights put this understanding in the context of my interpersonal relationships, communities, and society to provide a powerful hidden, unexpected or unspoken interpersonal truth that can cause people to see the brand, product or category differently. My social insights are the foundation of the social ideas that I develop for clients.


A collision of unbound collaborators and integrated concepts. I have been fortunate to work with the best writers, photographers, videographers, editors, influencers, to come together to imagine and build award-winning creative solutions: websites, social communities, viral images, and videos, feeds.

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I have been working with influencers from the get-go. Successful engagement and collaboration with influencers requires a personalised approach, with a genuine understanding of both the individual and their community. My team and I are skilled in identifying those who are emerging, and hold relationships with the more established.

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Thinking about elevating your branding, collaborating, Contact me.

Social thinking is my approach to solving brand and business problems. It is about understanding social behavior before focusing on social platforms and using this social insight to create world-class creative ideas that create value for brands and their stakeholders.