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Facebook Adds New Tools for Nonprofit Fundraisers


Facebook continues to expand its fundraising tools and options, announcing two new features this week which will help individuals and nonprofits raise awareness for their causes.

First off, Facebook will now allow brands and public figures to use their Facebook Pages to promote nonprofits.

Facebook Adds New Tools for Nonprofit Fundraisers | Social Media Today

The option, which means that nonprofits themselves can also now start fundraisers on their Pages, will provide more options to better promote such causes to wider audience groups, and enable celebrities and brands to more clearly align themselves with their chosen charities.

As explained by Facebook:

“Artists Tegan and Sara recently launched a Page fundraiser to help send 100 kids to LGBTQ summer camp in the US and Canada through the Tegan and Sara Foundation LGBTQ Camp Scholarship and in collaboration with the Ally Coalition.”

As you can imagine, using the reach of big name celebrities and influencers will no doubt help boost your cause, and expose a wider audience to your message through Facebook. The addition, along with the ability to add ‘Donate’ buttons to Facebook Live broadcasts (announced last year), provides more capacity to promote such efforts to the platform’s 2.2 billion users.

Facebook’s also giving fundraising managers the opportunity to add co-admins or moderators to a Facebook Group, or to co-host to a Facebook Event.

Facebook Adds New Tools for Nonprofit Fundraisers | Social Media Today

“You can now add up to three friends to be organizers of your fundraiser to help you manage it and rally more supporters to reach your fundraising goals.”

As part of Facebook’s re-focus on giving people “the power to build community and bring the world closer together”, The Social Network has made nonprofits and the promotion of fundraisers a key focus, adding a range of new tools over the last year, including the expansion of personal fundraisers and a non-profit mentorship connection platform.

Facebook Adds New Tools for Nonprofit Fundraisers | Social Media Today

These new tools further add to Facebook’s capacity to promote and raise awareness of such causes, using the platform’s immense reach to benefit such goals.

There are still some questions over Facebook’s place in the world more broadly, whether it’s a good or bad thing for society, but focusing on boosting nonprofits will definitely help quell some of the pervading negative sentiment, while also helping worthy causes with their efforts.


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