10 BEST Things to do in Waterton National Park in Alberta

    There are many reasons to visit Waterton National Park in Alberta, Canada. Here are ten of the best things to do in this beautiful park:

    1. Take a scenic drive or hike along the Red Rock Parkway.

    2. Visit Cameron Lake and go for a swim, canoe, or paddleboard.

    3. Have a picnic lunch at one of the many scenic viewpoints throughout the park.

    4. Go for a scenic bike ride on the Waterton Lakeshore Bike Trail.

    5. Take a boat tour of Upper Waterton Lake.

    6. Visit the Bison Paddock and see these massive animals up close.

    7. Hike to Crypt Lake and take in the stunning views along the way.

    8. Go for a nature walk in the Akamina-Kishinena Provincial Park.

    9. Take a dip in the mineral springs at Miette Hot Springs.

    10. Explore Waterton Village and all it has to offer, from shops and restaurants to hiking trails and boat tours.


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