10 Strategies to Help you Overcome your Fears

    The word, fear… it is something that goes deep within all of us and it is a feeling that can cripple so many of us from achieving our highest potentials or our dreams.

    I have compiled a few methods that hopefully can help you deal with the things that most often times hold us back through fear, anxiety and the inner dialogue of our own voice.

    1. Acknowledge your fear

    The first step to overcoming fear is acknowledging that you’re afraid. Once you’ve identified the fear, you can start to work on conquering it.

    2. Understand why you’re afraid

    After you’ve acknowledged your fear, try to understand why you’re afraid. Is it rational or irrational? What are the consequences of facing the fear? Can you handle them?

    3. Talk about your fear

    Once you’ve identified and understood your fear, talking about it can help immensely. discussing fears openly can help lessen their power over you. Find a friend or family member who will listen and offer support as you talk about your fear.

    4. Challenge your beliefs about your fear

    If your fear is based on irrational beliefs, challenge those beliefs. Are they really true? What evidence do you have to support them? Facing the truth about your fear can help you start to conquer it.

    5. Make a plan

    After you’ve taken the time to understand and accept your fear, it’s time to make a plan for overcoming it. What steps will you take? When will you take them? Having a specific plan can help you feel more in control and less afraid.

    6. Take small steps

    Don’t try to tackle your fear all at once. Breaking the process down into small, manageable steps can help you ease into facing your fear. Start with the easiest step first and work your way up to the more difficult ones.

    7. Build up your confidence

    As you start to take steps to face your fear, build up your confidence by rewarding yourself for your progress. This can help you feel good about yourself and keep you motivated to continue facing your fear.

    8. Seek professional help

    If you’re having difficulty overcoming your fear on your own, seek professional help from a therapist or counselor. They can provide support and guidance as you work to conquer your fear.

    9. Join a support group

    Another option for seeking professional help is to join a support group for people who are facing similar fears. Being around others who understand what you’re going through can be incredibly helpful and supportive.

    10. Don’t let fear hold you back

    Finally, don’t let fear hold you back from living your life. It’s important to face your fear, but don’t let it control you. Remember that you are capable of overcoming fear and living a happy, fulfilling life.

    Have you had an opportunity to work through some of these steps, how did they work out for you?

    Until next time, Love and Light – Your friend ZAK!


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