Facing the Eye of Fear

    One of the best ways to eliminate your fear is to educate yourself. Learn as much as you can about what it is that you’re afraid of. This will help you to understand the risks and realize that the chances of something actually happening are often much lower than you think.

    If you’re afraid of heights, for example, educate yourself about how buildings are constructed and how safe they are. If you’re afraid of flying, learn about airplane safety statistics and what the odds are of an accident occurring. The more knowledge you have, the less fear you’ll feel.

    Another effective way to reduce fear is to slowly expose yourself to the thing that scares you. If you’re afraid of public speaking, for example, start by speaking in front of a small group of friends or family members. Then, gradually work your way up to larger audiences.

    If you can’t do this on your own, there are often therapy groups available that can help you slowly confront your fears. The key is to take things slowly and not to force yourself to do anything that makes you too uncomfortable.

    Over time, as you expose yourself to your fears and learn more about them, they will begin to lose their power over you and you’ll be able to overcome them.


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