Inspiration and the Search for the Answers

    Hi Friends, it sure has been a while since I have had the chance to get my thoughts out into the digiverse — a notebook is currently where they usually end up!

    I hope you all enjoyed your summer 2022 — speaking of, where did it go? It seems as it was one of the quickest summers of all time.

    I have been thinking a lot lately about where our inspiration comes from and what we do hone into that knowledge.

    I believe, inspiration can come from anywhere and everywhere. It’s important to be open to inspiration and to be aware of the things that inspire you. One of the best ways to find inspiration is to learn about yourself and what motivates you. Once you know what inspires you, it’ll be easier to find it when you need it.

    There are many ways to learn about yourself and what inspires you. One way is to keep a journal where you write down your thoughts and feelings. This can help you reflect on your life and see what makes you happy or sad. Another way is to talk to friends and family members about their lives and what motivates them. You can also read books or articles about self-awareness and inspiration. By learning about yourself and what inspires you, you’ll be better able to find inspiration when you need it.

    If you’re ever feeling a road block or a lack of inspiration because let’s be honest – we have all been there, often more times than not.

    Below are 5 ways that you can get inspired, get our there and hopefully one of them can spark that light that can once in a while start to flicker from within us.

    1. Get inspired by your favorite people: One of the best ways to get inspired is to spend time with people who inspire you. Talk to them, learn about their lives and what they’re passionate about. You’ll be surprised at how much inspiration you can get just by spending time with someone who motivates you.

    2. Get inspired by your hobbies and interests: If you love doing something, chances are you’ll be good at it and it will inspire you. Pursue your passions and let them lead you to a life that inspires you.

    3. Get inspired by nature: Take some time to appreciate the beauty around you. Go for a hike, watch the sunset or sunrise, or simply take a walk around your neighborhood. Let nature fill you with peace and inspiration.

    4. Get inspired by music: Music has the power to touch our souls and inspire us like nothing else can. Listen to music that speaks to you and let it lift your spirits and fill you with inspiration.

    5. Get inspired by books and movies:Books and movies can be great sources of inspiration. They can introduce you to new ideas, teach you about different cultures, and help you see the world in a new light. If you’re looking for some inspiration, pick up a book or watch a movie that you think will inspire you.

    I hope this article helps you get out there and live your best, one life through whatever trials and tribulations that you may be facing.

    Feel free to reach out or write in the comments section below on what is something that works for you when you’re needing some inspiration in your life.

    Until next time – Love & Light,



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