John Scott: A pioneer of the West and a Pillar in Alberta’s film industry

    Episode #38 of the | John Scott of John Scott Productions speaks with Zak @YYCinfluencer on the heritage and history of the Alberta Film Industry and how things have evolved and changed over the years. John takes you through his thoughts on the future and what needs to happen to have Alberta at the nations forefront for the motion picture business. “We have the potential of about six pictures coming in here (Alberta) in the next six months. The amount of people that we could put to work here is just out of this world. This is very big business for Alberta right now. A lot of people can just hardly, barely survive right now. The little mom and pop stores that have been shut down, but yet, you can go meet your relatives in aisle 33 of Walmart any day of the week.” Honest interview with a man who, as long as I have known him, has never minced his words. John Scott has been a relentless champion of bringing the film industry to Alberta, and often against great political (and other) odds, it’s so great to see him have a platform for the expanse of his knowledge, experience and history. Topics such as what the film industry could do for Alberta (the numbers are eye-opening, and as I listen, I worry what the new Fed-mandated travel restrictions will do to affect these opportunities), the open pit mountain top coal mining threatening the province (no, it’s not nearly over), Canada’s new handgun law (how it hits us in the gut out West), anecdotes of John’s experiences with actors such as Brad Pitt, Gene Hackman, Robin Williams and Jackie Chan, and his overall reverence for the scenery and wild lands of Alberta. LEARN MORE AT JOHN SCOTT PRODUCTIONS: SUBSCRIBE TO THE CANADIAN PODCAST YOUTUBE CHANNEL:… LISTEN TO THE CANADIAN PODCAST ON: ITUNES: Apple Podcast (Canadian Podcast with Zak) SPOTIFY:… SHOP MERCH:​ FOLLOW CANADIAN PODCAST: INSTAGRAM:… FACEBOOK:… TWITTER:​ FOLLOW ZAK, HOST OF THE CANADIAN PODCAST: INSTAGRAM:​ FACEBOOK:​ #JohnScottProductions #JohnScottAlberta #AlbertaFilmIndustry


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