Why is this Happening to Me and Shifting the Perspective and Mindset

    When bad things happen, it’s natural to ask “why is this happening to me?”. But if you want to learn and grow from your experiences, it may be more helpful to ask “what is this trying to teach me?”.

    When you’re able to view your experiences as opportunities for learning, you’ll be more open to hearing the message they have for you. This doesn’t mean that every experience will be positive or fun, but it can help you find the silver lining in even the most difficult situations.

    If you’re not sure what a particular experience is trying to teach you, try asking yourself some questions:

    – What did I learn about myself from this?

    – What did I learn about others from this?

    – What can I do differently next time to avoid or better handle a similar situation?

    Remember, it’s not always easy to figure out what we’re supposed to learn from our experiences. But if we’re open to the possibility that there might be a lesson in even the most challenging circumstances, we just might find the guidance we need to grow and improve.

    Until next time friends – Love and Light,



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